Internet !


This ‘Internet Station’ is a designed to provide a robust,  moderate cost, energy efficient, always-ready web browsing experience.

The system boots from a read-only device so it can not be changed permanently by any user;  this also means any browsing history is deleted when you end the session. Lastly it means you can simply power off the device when you’re finished using it; however, if some one else wants to use the system after you, click on the icon at the bottom left of the screen and reset the session.  The system will reset the default user account for the next user.

This system uses a power-efficient mobile processor.  It provides a good browsing experience for most sites though flash-heavy sites will not be as smooth or responsive as when viewed on a full-sized desktop or modern laptop.   However, this means that leaving the system on is much more power-friendly than a conventional system and the display will sleep after 15 minutes of non-use. Since it boots so fast,  please consider shutting it down when you’re finished; thanks in advance.

For the technically curious, you can learn more about the non-Microsoft Windows operating system deployed on this system as well as the original prototype hardware this device was inspired by;  click here to read more.

Click double blue arrow to reset session.